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No matter the quality and breadth of your business site, a subpar customer checkout experience can create a lack of trust, cart abandonment, and a poor reputation. While it might be easy to focus on color schemes and item listings first, ultimately the success of a business can ride on the quality and efficiency of the payment gateway and processor chosen. 

As such, businesses must choose not only reliable payment platforms like Stripe but also trustworthy integrations to install them correctly onto their sites. With several different options available, businesses can ensure they are making a safe and dependable choice by selecting official partners like Payment Plugins

Discover how we partnered with Stripe to create a customizable and scalable solution for WooCommerce businesses across the globe.

Creating a Solution for a Wide Range of Clients

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Starting in 2019, we partnered directly with Stripe as an official, verified partner to continue innovating a WooCommerce plugin that has all the features a growing business needs. 

The ultimate challenge was to develop enough customizable options to be useful to a broad range of e-commerce businesses, no matter what goods or services they offered, all while keeping the initial integration process simple and smooth. Our goal was to reduce friction so businesses could spend more time focusing on strategy and growth.

Scalability and Volume

While some businesses starting out with Payment Plugins and Stripe may be in their early growth stages, we did not want to inhibit their progress. We wanted to build a plugin that could process multiple checkout flows and maintain a streamlined user experience as businesses grow and scale. 

Stripe became the ideal partner as they can handle large volumes of transactions on a daily basis. Additionally, with Stripe as an official partner, we can also access merchant log data directly, making troubleshooting and deploying fixes much more efficient.

Using the Best Tools

However, scalability was not the only important factor to focus on. To cater to a broad breadth of businesses, we recognize that companies need to be able to align the checkout experience with the rest of their brand experience. As a result, Payment Plugins has implemented Stripe’s Optimized Checkout Suite which allows businesses to access many of the merchant’s extra features like Element and multiple dynamic payment methods. Another important and integrated tool, Stripe’s Payments Method API, allows businesses to accept and move money globally, unlike other competitors.

More Choices for Customers

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As part of our goal of creating a wide-ranging plugin solution that fostered business growth, finding a trusted partner that could allow multiple payment methods was key. 

As our CEO Clayton Rogers discovered, “Stripe offers nearly every payment method that you could dream of, so you can stick to one solution for your entire site.” 

With 27 different payment methods available, Stripe allows businesses to integrate one payment platform to their site while not limiting their customers’ checkout choices. In fact, our Stripe plugin has even expanded to include ACH direct debit to allow bank payments as well. 

The best part? Companies can add additional accepted payment methods on Stripe without any necessary code changes.

Constant Innovation

As an official Stripe partner, we have also worked closely to remain on the cutting edge of payment innovation. This includes updating our plugin to offer three new buy now, pay later solutions (BNPL) like Affirm, Afterpay, and Klarna, which allow customers to break up large payments into smaller monthly charges. This new development has led to an average of 11 percent increase in sales and a 10 percent increase in the number of purchases made for businesses adopting BNPL.

Most recently, we have added Link by Stripe, a new feature that allows customers a fast, one-click checkout experience. Already Stripe has found companies using Link can boost conversion rates by 7 percent. Our focus on keeping up with Stripe’s latest innovations has opened the door to conversion-boosting features for businesses using our plugin.

Installing Stripe for Your Business

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By choosing to install Payment Plugins’ Stripe plugin, you can start accepting credit cards, bank payments, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more! Our plugin is 100 percent free to use and available to all using WooCommerce. Get started boosting your conversions by downloading our plugin today.

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