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What is Braintree? Braintree is a robust and widely used payment gateway that offers customers a seamless and secure way to make online payments. With Payment Plugins for Braintree, you can easily integrate the Braintree gateway into your WooCommerce store. This plugin allows you to accept payments from customers around the globe and supports multiple currencies and payment options.

Integrating this Braintree checkout option provides customers various ways to pay, such as credit or debit cards, PayPal, or even Apple Pay or Google Pay. The Braintree payment gateway Plugin for WooCommerce supports an array of features that can be easily customized to meet your specific business requirements while delivering a smooth checkout experience.

Whether you’re switching from another Braintree plugin or starting from scratch with ours, enjoy an effortless and trouble-free integration. Get started with Payment Plugins for Braintree now!

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Who is using Payment Plugins for Braintree

Payment Plugins for Braintree is a secure and reliable choice for Braintree payment gateway integration on your WooCommerce store. Trusted and preferred by numerous brands, this plugin offers an easy and efficient checkout solution. Both small startups and multi-million dollar companies rely on Payment Plugins for Braintree to accept payments through WooCommerce.

Plugin Features

Unlocking Next-Level Functionality: Explore Our Plugin's Powerful Features!

As a trusted partner, we offer our plugin at no cost, ensuring top-notch code quality and regular updates. Experience the benefits of a dependable payment gateway without any expenses!
Already using WooFunnels AeroCheckout or Woocommerce Upsell? Payment Plugins for Braintree integrates perfectly so you can continue providing these options during your purchase process.
Being partnered with industry leaders such as Braintree means that Payment Plugins has offered customers best-in-class experiences with various products consistently.
Braintree offers various security measures to protect both buyers and sellers, such as encryption technology, fraud detection systems, and industry-standard compliance. Additionally, it supports multiple payment options like PayPal or Google Pay that many consumers trust.
Offer your customers numerous payment options, including credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more!
After installing the plugin, setup is a breeze with an effortless integration into your Braintree account. Enjoy a plugin that functions as intended within minutes of downloading
Have subscribers or need to presell products? Payment Plugins for Braintree integrates with both WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Presale, allowing easy migration of existing subscriptions over to this new plugin.
At Payment Plugins, we prioritize premium code quality, security, and scalability. As a result, some of the biggest WooCommerce stores rely on us for their payment processing needs.

Getting Started with Payment Plugins for Braintree

By using our WooCommerce Braintree integration on your WordPress site, you can start accepting various payment methods while ensuring a secure and effortless checkout process for your customers. Whether you’re new to the plugin or looking to optimize its features, our Braintree payment plugin guides will help you set up and get the most out of Payment Plugins for Braintree.

Switching to PaymentPlugins for Braintree

If you're searching for a more reliable and user-friendly Braintree payment gateway integration for your WooCommerce store, switching to Payment Plugins for Braintree might be your solution.

Why switch to Payment Plugins for Braintree?

With our plugin, connecting your store with your Braintree account is quick and easy—no coding knowledge required! The plugin includes an array of features that work better than other alternatives while being ready to use out of the box. Whether you seek improved functionality or better payment processing capabilities on your eCommerce store Payment Plugins for Braintree is an excellent choice.

How Effortless Is the Switch to Our Braintree Payment Plugin?

Are you tired of facing problems, errors, and compatibility issues with your current Braintree payment solution? Then, you’re in for some good news. Our Braintree plugin makes the migration process a breeze. Our specially crafted migration code enables a smooth transition to our plugin, without requiring any extra effort on your part. Once activated, our plugin will handle everything automatically, making the process effortless for you.

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- networka
- networka
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“I used a Plugin from AngellEYE to integrate Braintree before. It stopped working because of 3DS requirements. So I had to change because AngellEYE didn't fix it in time. If you need a RELIABLE solution for a Payment Integration for Woocommerce. Use the Plugins from Payment Plugins. Great work guys!”
- richardmusic0676
- richardmusic0676
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“Really easy to use, fully featured gateway plugin, works much better than the woo commerce one and the support was so quick and solved a small issue straight away, that was my configuration rather than a fault with the gateway. Highly recommend.”
- Pieter Sand
- Pieter Sand
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“We have been using this plugin for 6 months now and recommend it highly: it is very solid, easy to configure, allows us to use all of the payment options within Braintree, only loads on pages where it is needed, works well with the new WooCommerce Checkout/Cart blocks and CheckoutWC. The Paypal button works with Express Checkout—fast expert support. We have tested various plugins for Braintree and find this one to be clearly the best. We highly recommend this plugin.”


Do you have questions? Discover the most frequently asked questions about our Braintree payment gateway: Payment Plugins for Braintree. Learn about testing the plugin, demos, and more.

Yes, depending on the payment methods offered by your Braintree account (e.g., PayPal). Some of these methods provide “pay later” features that customers can use.
Yes, the plugin is 100% free. As a trusted partner, we are committed to providing exceptional code quality and consistent updates, which allows us to offer you the plugin at no cost!
Yes, as a merchant, you must have a Braintree account to accept payments through this plugin.
You can enable the Sandbox feature within your Braintree account, allowing you to simulate transactions and ensure proper setup of the plugin.

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