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The PayPal wallet is one of the most popular and widely used payment gateways in the world, offering customers a convenient and secure way to make online payments. With Payment Plugins for Paypal, you can easily integrate PayPal as a payment method for your Woocommerce store. This plugin allows you to accept payments from customers around the world, supporting multiple currencies and payment options. 

By integrating this Paypal checkout option, you can provide customers with options like paying with credit or debit cards, Paypal’s Pay Later option, or even Venmo, which can significantly improve your site’s conversion rates. This PayPal payment gateway Plugin for WooCommerce supports a wide range of features that can be easily customized to meet your specific business requirements, providing customers with a seamless checkout experience.

Whether you are switching from another Paypal plugin or starting from scratch with ours, you are sure to experience a smooth and hassle-free Paypal integration. Get started with Payment Plugins for Paypal now!

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Who is using Payment Plugins for PayPal

Payment Plugins for PayPal is the go-to choice for a secure and reliable PayPal payment gateway integration for your WooCommerce store. With the trust and preference of numerous well-known brands, this plugin offers an easy and efficient PayPal checkout solution. Both small startups and multi-million dollar companies trust Payment Plugins for PayPal as their go-to option for accepting PayPal payments through WooCommerce.

Plugin Features

Unlocking Next-Level Functionality: Explore Our Plugin's Powerful Features!

As a trusted Paypal partner, we offer our plugin for free with excellent code and regular updates. Enjoy the benefits of a reliable payment gateway without any costs!
Already using WooFunnels AeroCheckout or Woocommerce Upsell? Payment Plugins for Paypal integrates perfectly with these options so you can continue to provide them as part of your purchase process.
Being a Paypal Partner means that Payment Plugins has offered customers a best in class experience with PayPal products, and Paypal trusts that we will continue to do so.
Why use Paypal as your payment gateway? Paypal has implemented various security measures to protect both buyers and sellers, such as encryption technology, fraud detection, and seller protection policies. Additionally, many consumers are familiar with PayPal and may prefer to use it as a payment option because they trust the brand.
Provide your customers with multiple ways to pay! Allow them to pay using their Paypal account, a Venmo account, with credit and debit cards, or even Paypal’s Pay Later option.
After installing the plugin, setup is a breeze with an easy sign-in integration to your Paypal business account. Get a plugin that functions the way it should within just minutes of downloading.
Have subscribers or need to be able to presell products? Payment Plugins for Paypal integrates with both WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Presale. You can easily move current subscriptions over to this new plugin as well.
At Payment Plugins, we prioritize premium code quality, security, and scalability. As a result, some of the biggest WooCommerce stores rely on us for their payment processing needs.

Getting Started with Payment Plugins for PayPal

By using our Woocommerce Paypal integration, you can start accepting credit card payments, Paypal account payments, Venmo, and more, all while ensuring a secure and easy checkout process for your customers. Whether you are new to the plugin or looking to optimize its features, our guides will help you set up and get the most out of Payment Plugins for Paypal.

Switching to Payment Plugins for PayPal

If you're looking for a more reliable and user-friendly PayPal payment gateway integration for your WooCommerce store, switching to Payment Plugins for PayPal might be the solution you need.

Why switch to Payment Plugins for PayPal?

With our plugin, you can easily connect to your PayPal account without any coding knowledge required. The plugin comes ready to use out of the box and offers a range of features that work better than other plugin options, including the standard WooCommerce option. Whether you’re looking for a user-friendly solution, want to improve your store’s functionality, or require better payment processing, Payment Plugins for PayPal is an excellent choice for your ecommerce store.

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- pi3c3
- pi3c3
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“It was basically a click and a PayPal login to connect PayPal to do plug-in. A highly recommended. This one is much much reliable than all the garbage around. (like WooCommerce own system) If you really want a reliable and well working PayPal gateway, then don’t go anywhere, you have found it. Just click on the Install button and active it.”
- richardmusic0676
- richardmusic0676
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“Really easy to use, fully featured gateway plugin, works much better than the woo commerce one and the support was so quick and solved a small issue straight away, that was my configuration rather than a fault with the gateway. Highly recommend.”
- alx359
- alx359
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“This is a new, but nice addition to their family of payment plugins, from one of the well-established and deservedly loved devs here at WP, as they also provide an excellent support. The plugin is built around the “latest & greatest” REST API apps from Paypal, and it’s working flawlessly. This is important, as everything else I’ve reviewed so far, especially when built around the old API’s (NVP/SOAP, etc.), has showed issues one way or another.”


Do you have questions? Discover all the most frequently asked questions about our paypal payment gateway - Payment Plugins for Paypal. From testing the plugin, to demos, and more.

Yes, Paypal has a Pay Later feature that allows people to make payments over a number of months.
Yes, the plugin is 100% free. As a Paypal partner we are paid to provide excellent code and consistent updates to the plugin, this allows us to provide you the plugin for free!
As the merchant, you must have a Paypal Business account in order to accept payments through the plugin. However, your customers do not need to have a Paypal account in order to purchase from your store. They can purchase using credit cards or Venmo.
You can enable the plugin’s Sandbox feature, which allows you to simulate transactions and ensure the plugin is set up correctly.

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