Is Stripe Payment Processing Right for You?

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When navigating a new or growing business, choosing the right payment processor is fundamental for speedy and efficient checkouts. Though there are several well-known gateways available, Stripe payment processor emerges as a leading option. 

With global expansion and plenty of customizations available, adding Stripe payment processing to your site creates a seamless and effective cart flow. Not to mention, Stripe also offers ways to save when businesses implement added security to check out! 

Discover the biggest advantages of installing the Stripe gateway payment option.

Why Use Stripe Online Payments?

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Customizable Checkout

For e-commerce-led businesses with branding and customer experience at the forefront of their considerations, a customized checkout experience is a serious advantage. Adding Stripe gateway payment processing to the site also opens up options to add branded checkout pages and several different invoicing options. With Stripe’s open API, developers have access to a wide range of improvements and branding.

Transparent Rates

Stripe online payments offer clear and transparent transaction fees for businesses with no long-term contracts required. That is a great option for businesses just starting out! 

Transaction fees start at 2.9 percent + $0.30 for businesses of all sizes, but for larger businesses, custom transaction contracts are also available. Plus, the Stripe payment processor also charges on transaction-based actions, with no initial set-up or hidden monthly flat fees.

For a full comparison of payment processor transaction fees, check out our blog post here.

Global Options

For companies with an eye on international markets, Stripe online payments accepts 27 different types of payments and 135 currencies. For potential customers in other countries, Stripe seamlessly allows transactions in their local currency, removing barriers for international checkouts. Meanwhile, business owners can still accept payouts in their preferred currency.

Critical Considerations When Evaluating Stripe Payment Processing

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While Stripe offers a wide range of benefits to businesses of all sizes, there are a few critical considerations to take under advisement before jumping in. 

  1. Built E-Comm First: Stripe online payments also offer in-person transactions with the help of Stripe Terminal, however, its priority is e-commerce transactions. Some features are limited to online sales only. For businesses with a significant or primary online presence, Stripe gateway payment processor is ideal.
  2. Currency Conversion Rates: Stripe is a powerful gateway for companies looking to work in multiple countries. However, companies need to evaluate and ensure they understand the additional fees for international transactions. International cards incur an additional 1.5 percent fee, while currency conversion adds an additional 1 percent fee.

Installing Stripe Payment Processor for Your Business

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Adding Stripe gateway payment processor to your checkout has never been easier. At Payment Plugins we offer free, secure plugins to seamlessly integrate Stripe into your site. Our Stripe plugin features an easy-to-use interface to simplify the process.

However, we don’t stop at offering simplified solutions. We are always looking for ways to help business owners boost their conversion rates and save money. Our 3.3.47 update to the Stripe Plugin has added Level 3 processing data to credit card payments. This means passing additional data fields such as order ID and line item details, decreasing the chance of fraud, and most importantly, lowering the merchant’s processing fee. 

Businesses in the U.S. are eligible for these savings on Visa and Mastercard transactions! That means not only does Stripe provide the incredible advantages above, but it also opens the door for even lower transaction fees. You can now enjoy the magic of lower processing fees.

Get Started Today

With over 100,000 installations and more than one hundred 5-star reviews, installing our Stripe plugin can get businesses up and running with Stripe in no time! Additionally, our plugin also comes with support to help you troubleshoot any issues.

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